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The Boat Alphabet Book Ahoy, mateys Get on board Boats and the need for them have been around for thousands of years Reed boats might have been the first boat ever to be built The Vikings built wooden ships that were strong and ornate And now boats like an Aircraft Carrier house , people and can carry overplanes In Jerry Pallotta s newest book we get to see an entire alphabet of floating wonders David Biedrzycki has provided dramatic settings for a variety of boats and captures the mood of each body of water In one he paints a calm lake where a red canoe glides across the water and in another the stormy swells of an angry ocean tossing a three masted Xebec The facts about each boat are sprinkled with traditional Pallotta humor

  • Kindle
  • 32 pages
  • The Boat Alphabet Book
  • Jerry Pallotta
  • English
  • 12 December 2018
  • 0881069116

About the Author: Jerry Pallotta

Jerry Pallotta is an award winning author of children s alphabet books and imaginative fiction His books combine interesting facts, detailed research, humor, and realistic illustrations that mesmerize children everywhere Jerry lives in Boston, Massachusetts.David Biedrzycki has collaborated with children s author Jerry Pallotta on The Beetle Alphabet Book, The Boat Alphabet Book, and The Freshwater Alphabet Book Davidis the author illustrator of the Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective series as well as the Me and My Dragon series He lives in Medfield, Massachusetts

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