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Blood Moon Rising (A Beatrix Rose Thriller Book 2) (English Edition) Ten years ago, Beatrix Rose headed an off the books hit squad to carry out the dirty work of the British government When she discovered that the commander of the squad was corrupt, he sent five of his assassins to rub her out But they failed Bad mistakeThere were six names on Beatrixs Kill List Two have been accounted for, and she has number three in her sights But Bryan Duffy is in Iraq, surrounded by mercenaries, and theres no easy way for Beatrix to get to him and no easy way to get outStrap in for Book Two of Mark Dawsons heart stopping, bestselling Beatrix Rose trilogyRevised edition This edition of Blood Moon Rising includes editorial revisions

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  • 23 March 2018

About the Author: Mark Dawson

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blood Moon Rising (A Beatrix Rose Thriller Book 2) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Mark Dawson author readers around the world.

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    This is the second book in the trilogy, as with the first I found the author was unafraid of using his word power which for me made the book flow beautifully.Having read some of the bad reviews I m left somewhat bemused by the comments One outraged reader was dismayed that Beatrice would have taught her 13 year old daughter how to shoot a gun and defend herself Knowing her daughters life could be in danger, what mother would not wish to protect her child Bearing in mind this is considered normal practice in many countries, why be so outraged Plus derr it s fictional for heaven s sake Another comment was the book s predictability Yes, in some ways it was, but it was contrived to be fairly predictable, the authors skill in showing the skill, fortitude and determination of the main character despite dying of cancer which surely destroyed any preconception.Book 2 is an excellent read, expertly written and a natural lead into the final book It offers excitement, action and a nice balance of human interest, perhaps a little humour would have enhanced the book, but overall it is exceptional.

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    Beatrix Rose has planned her revenge the list of six has shrunk to four and a quick kill here at the start of the novel brings it down further and adds another tattoo to her collection.However, the future is tinged with regret The lost years with her daughter whose own growing up is hindered by the need to be alert and carry on her Mother s fight if she cannot complete it herself.The main thrust of this chapter of vengeance is centred on Iraq where her next victim has located He is a loathsome bully of a man seen torturing the local population and quelling protest with disproportional violence.The story is beautifully poised and constructed to allow Beatrix a degree of support in her mission but as her kill list grows those she s coming for are aware and alert to the danger she poses to them, Duffy her latest target is the leader of a group of ex soldiers and mercenaries now employed on government contracts to keep the peace and maintain law and order around the oil wells near Basra.With a number of twists with compelling scenes of suspense and tension the image of a country emerging from all its troubles is depicted sensitively Beatrix Rose is also working against an internal clock that limits her effectiveness and reduces her odds of success.Since book three ends this trilogy we can route for her but not before we see the integrity of her mission as seemingly innocent and non combatants are caught up in unscrupulous methods.However, is the cost worthwhile in trying to make up for the past lost with her daughter is she just blighting her future Or if she fails isn t she aware that her enemies will exact their own vengeance and Isabelle can never be safe until the last one is killed This drives her on where other human beings might just roll over and fall back to sleep.

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    I have read all of the John Milton books by Mark Dawson and really enjoyed them I ve now moved on to the spin off novels about his onetime operative colleague Beatrix Rose You learn some of her backstory in one of the Milton novels but you don t have to have had read them to enjoy the Rose novels I would recommend reading them in order though.Rose is on a mission of revenge against the Firm she used to work for who sold her out to the enemy She has a kill list which she is methodically working her way through This is the second novel covering her quest for revenge.As with all Dawson s novels they are action packed page turners and this and the other Rose novels are quick and satisfying reads It is good to see a powerful, female protagonist.

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    Beatrix Rose continues on her quest for revenge on those who killed her husband and destroyed her life However her health is deteriorating rapidly and she still has two on her hit list, will she have the strength to finish This is another very well written and plotted storyline that had me racing through the pages.Now to go straight on to book 3.Ho

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    I just could not put this down I was enthralled from the beginning So many emotions that I cannot reveal as would spoil it for any other reader I was just so disappointed when I got to the end What a book I actually enjoyed it a lot than the first one as everything slotted into place You kind of know the outcome but you just keep thinking no don t be a sad ending Got to purchase next book right now Honestly this would be so great on the screen Hollywood Blockbuster it s got to be done

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    The story continues at a fast pace with action all the way and unexpected twists to add drama Beatrix continues to carry out her personal assignment, a government one and another picked up along the way Now to book 3 to see if she can complete her mission before the cancer kills her.

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    Have just finished reading this second part of the Beatrix Rose trilogy and yet again it is another engrossing read from Mark Dawson Beatrix s journey of revenge continues as she works her way through her kill list and takes us on another adventure as she hunts downs those responsible for the death of her husband.I am becoming of a fan of Mark Dawson s storytelling and writing style with each passing novel short story that he unleashes on us and am delighted to be able to read these short story spin offs from the John Milton series as it helps to fill the void as we await miltons next adventure.The beauty of the Beatrix Rose series is that even if you haven t read the John Milton series which i recommend highly and are not aware of the background to this trilogy it s not a problem as the events that lead to this are well explained and allows these stories to stand alone without too much of an issue.I don t particularly like the idea of giving away story lines in a review so I won t go into detail about what happens but you should know that this book is very tightly written and kept me gripped from start to finish and you won t be disappointed with how,it plays out Once again, Mark has refrained from falling into the trap of pointless and constant action just because it is a shorter story, but has given us what is clearly a well thought out and greatly devised story which leaves you wanting and .I personally can t wait for the final instalment of this trilogy and look forward to its release.Buy this book, and the first one obviously, they are well worth it.

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    I read this as a sequel but it works as a stand alone story as well, though I think that, like me readers will be desperate to read the final part of the trilogy Beatrice Rose is a complex character, total committed to task of revenge and boy does she do it Highly Recommended.

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    A light read, a predictable formula now Just another romp through Iraq filled with bad guys on our dying heroine s quest for vengeance Plenty of unbelievable action and bloodshed Airport pulp trading but better than some I expect I ll read the third in the series which is what Mr Dawson worked for after all..

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    Amazing story, just love the B books What a genius writer I read the Isabella books first and just had to go back and read about her mum SO good.

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    I ve been hooked to Mark Dawson s John Milton and subsequently Beatrix Rose characters since idly deciding to read 1000 Yards as a free download I ve always been someone who rooted for the underdog and I ve found Mark s style to be excellent at highlighting their faults and broken relationships whilst moving the story along at a speed that just seems to work for me.This book about Beatrix hunting down 4 of 6 on her hit list proves to be of a strain on her in her condition such that I m starting to wonder weather she s got enough left in the tank to take on England and Control especially given her intentional Faux Pas at Basra Airport.Then I remember its a novelIt s like a cross between Bravo Two Zero and a Rocky film Rough boots and bullets No Martini s here shaken or otherwise I for one cannot wait for the final book of the trilogy.

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    Beatrix Rose, at her best, exacting revenge in the only way she knows Mark Dawson makes you feel in touch with Miss Rose and wills you to rad on hoping that she succeeds in her quest Lots of twists and turns, compelling book that you just can t put down.

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    Just like with the first Beatrix Rose novel I was unable to put this one down either I can t wait to read the final part I need to know what becomes of her, her daughter and her remaining targets.

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    The second part of this trilogy continues with even pace and gusto An absolutely riveting read..ludicrous really, I am now desperate for the final part, which means an end to Beatrix Rose or is it Mark Dawson has this knack of keeping you just slightly off balance you are never 100% certain how the final pages will play out.A truly captivating read please, don t just take my word for it.indulge yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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    Fascinating story, the plot keeps moving forward at a relentless pace Lots of detail and you can sort of see where it s going but it is never too obvious.

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