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  • 24 January 2019

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    I have been a fan of Mark Dawson for a time now and have read all his other books but have only recently bought this one, and it left me blown away, I think that it is probably my new favourite book of his.Beatrix Rose the heroine is nearing the end of her quest to gain vengeance against the ex members of the shadowy group 15 who betrayed her, killed her husband and kidnapped her daughter.She is now re united with her daughter, but wracked by cancer and knowing that her time is very limited she sets out to eliminate her last 2 targets, but they are both part of a security company which has the largest private army in the world.The book starts explosively with one of her adversaries attempting to kill her at her home in Marrakech, but Beatrix is ready and she escapes with her daughter, and another of her targets is killed.The story then moves through New York and finally to the security company HQ in a swamp in North Carolina where Beatrix draws out her final target and makes a spectacular last ditch attempt to finish the job.The last section of the book features her daughter Isabella and a very welcome cameo appearance by Mark Dawson s other ex group fifteen lead character, John Milton.The book is a brilliant combination of really spectacular action sequences and extremely touching scenes between Beatrix and Isabella, showing the strengths and vulnerabilities of both As always Mark Dawson manages to bring real depth to all his characters and also provides great insights into the locations he uses.Overall, a great book, which I can t recommend too highly The only complaint I have is that I now have to wait for Mark s next book.

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    Mark Dawson has a series of similar characters working in the same area and folowing on from one another Beatrix Rose 2nd Character is on a vengeance mission after her daughter was taken from her and her husband was killed But the story continues with Isabella Rose wthout letting any of the plot away The stories are compelling and easy to read but hook you in and then you have to buy the next one to find out what happened but they must be followed in sequence or you won t understand the stories or context The previous character stories can be bought at about 5 a time for a very reasonable price Very easy read and great entertainment and you also identify with the plot and characters.

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    Although covering the same ground as the previous this book is fresh and full of surprises In it Beatrix Rose seeks to finish her mission of revenge against the agents and Control responsible for killing her husband and kidnapping her daughter.Four accounted for, two to go and with her cancer eating away at her body and sapping her strength a real sense of time becoming her greatest enemy.Violence comes to her home as an elite group flies in helicopters under the radar to catch Beatrix unaware.Her daughter, Isabella barely survives the raid and her Mum is racked with guilt that all her preparation to help her survive has be wasted and time together missed as result.The last kill demands travelling to the USA as Control has placed himself in an impregnable fortress Beatrix takes her daughter to New York for one last special time, sightseeing and shopping.But has she kept Isabella close to help her or just because she can t bear to be parted one last time It is quite heartbreaking as the clock ticks down and Beatrix is separated from Isabella on what appears to be a one way journey She regrets involving her and hopes the plans she has made for her after her death can keep her safe.Yet in keeping her so close to the final hit will she indirectly expose her to the very danger she has tried to prepare her for Heart rending, all action, thrills, twists and despair.

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    I have read all of the John Milton books by Mark Dawson and really enjoyed them I ve now moved on to the spin off novels about his onetime operative colleague Beatrix Rose You learn some of her backstory in one of the Milton novels but you don t have to have had read them to enjoy the Rose novels I would recommend reading them in order though.Rose is on a mission of revenge against the Firm she used to work for who sold her out to the enemy She has a kill list which she is methodically working her way through This is the third novel in her quest for revenge.As with all Dawson s novels they are action packed page turners and this and the other Rose novels are quick and satisfying reads It is good to see a powerful, female protagonist.

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    An easy read for the final Beatrix Rose novel That makes 3 I ve read in as many days. One on the plane out, then 2 here in the Algarve Unfortunately for Mark, I won t be needing another til I get home late on Friday Milton is my next target, then maybe back to Beatrix and her Hong Kong adventures it even surprises me how perverse my reading habits can be.Great stuff Mark, I look forward to reading Isabella s savage stories

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    As a prequl to the later books it created some contradictions to what had previously ben laid down as facts in flashback form, I had to go back through the Dragon sereis and Angel as it cauused confusion, the action and olot progressed well, and its a good stand alone thriller.

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    Gripping read from start to a very, very good ending.Well written as usual and I really could imagine the pain that Beatrix Rose was going through.Mark Dawson has to be one of the best thriller writers ever

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    Tense, well written really enjoyable revenge thriller that keeps going right the way to the last page It works as stand alone book, but readers will get even out of it threatens previous two books in the trilogy first.

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    A fitting conclusion to Beatrix s story and the start of a new Avenue with Isabella A little confused about isabella s birth as I have read the Isabella series too and the novella Still, good to find Milton and Pope involved.

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    The end has come The last two are in sight but time is running out for Beatrix The last book in the series grips the reader again, will she finish her mission or will the cancer get there first Its touch and go but she is determined to finish her mission or go out with a bang trying With help from her Daughter and a fleeting visit from Mr Milton this final book leaves you wanting Mark Dawson has again brought us a great character who will be missed All is not lost, with prequels on the way we can all enjoy Beatrix Rose at her best again Well done Mark.

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    A fitting end to the Beatrix Rose trilogy with the baton nicely passed on to her daughter so that a fresh series can begin for her Another well crafted story, fast paced as always.

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    At last, the final part It was a bittersweet moment, getting to the end of the trilogyYes it was good to find out what happened, but the bad part was that it was the end of the story and I needed to find another book that was as good a read Not an easy task, it takes a good book to match the high standards and excitement of the Beatrix Rose series All i can hope and ask is that there is a spin off from this series I am sure that there could be This one is the most enthralling episode of the three, but the other two lead up nicely to the conclusion, so don t be tempted to skip the first twoyou would be missing a treat.A really fast paced, all action thriller, which will have you gripped from the very start of book one, to the explosive end of book three

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    What a way to end this roller coaster of a trilogy The best book of the three in my opinion after book 1 and 2 built up to this crescendo with the fantastic writing of Mark Dawson that drags you into the lives of his characters.In this book Rose almost gets her man Control who barely escapes much to my surprise and disappointment only to be finished off when the story twists one final time.I literally could not put this down once I began to read as I knew that the end was going to be great, and I am somewhat gutted that Rose is gone.

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    Finally completed the trilogy in three days was a very enthralling read from beginning to endRecovery from an operation that is to last month s I started to read again after a long break and these books have been great in transporting me to different place The story was good , the characters sympathetic to the reader and the underlying theme of receiving a wrong within content and not over played Simply easy to follow and hard to put down once started.

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    Another excellent gripping book by this Author of was a good book I am now ready to read my next book by this Author.

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Blood and Roses (A Beatrix Rose Thriller Book 3) (English Edition) Beatrix Rose has worked her way through her Kill List Four are dead and just two remain Her enemies know shes coming The hunter becomes the huntedIn a thrilling conclusion to the breakneck trilogy, Beatrix and her daughter must fight them in North Africa, New York, and finally the swamps of North Carolina Its a lightning paced roller coaster of action that pits a deadly assassin against the might of the most powerful private army on the planetIts long odds for Beatrix And thats just how she likes itRevised edition This edition of Blood and Roses includes editorial revisions

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