Black And White Photography: 12 Secrets to Master The Art of Black And White Photography –

Black And White Photography: 12 Secrets to Master The Art of Black And White Photography I read so many books that think technobable is a substitution for good photography and trade terms for practicality I m glad this book didn t Its clear, cohesive and easy to understand I d recommend to any one who is curious about making the switch to black and white They ll be in good hands. very knowledgeable The book is pretty good I ordered the free kindle version so no images I expect the paper copy is better. Every single decent photo book has a corresponding image to illustrate a point Not a proper photo book for learning. Master The Art Of Black Its All Subjective I Give Some Of My Own Personal Reasons For Choosing Black And White Over Color They Can Be For Aesthetic Consideration, Or To Make An Image Less Distracting Tonal Differences And Contrast I Explain Why Color Is Still Important, Because The Color Content Of A Scene Will Affect Your Tonal Ranges Contrast Is Also Important Because It Affects The Lights And Darks, Blacks And Whites In A Scene And Also Changes The Emotional Impact Of An Image Being Technically Competent This Tip Explains The Usage Of Different ISOs And How Black And White Grain Differs From Color Grain It Also Explains Why You Want To Learn To Take A Technically Correct Photo Before You Begin To Experiment With ISO And ExposurePay Attention To The Light Light Is Very Important In Any Photo, But Here, It Can Help Change The Mood Of A Black And White Photo Very Quickly I Also Talk About How The Way In Which You Develop A Photo, In Conjunction With The Light Conditions, Changes Perception Texture Texture Becomes Even Important In Black And White Photos Than It Does In Color, Because You Have One Less Element To Work With Experiment With Texture Or Lack Thereof In Your PhotosComposition Refer To This Tip For A Short Refresher On The Elements Of Composition, And How You Can Use Them To Make Your Photos Stronger Remember That Composition Always Matters, But That It Can Matter Even So With Black And White Headshots This Tip Explains The Pros And Cons Of Shooting Headshots In Black And White, As Well As Things To Consider When Doing So Post Processing Learn How To Control Your Color Channels And Contrast In Reference To Black And White Photos Learn How It Correlates To The Old Darkroom Methods, And What Filters Do Creating Almost Black And White Photos Have You Ever Seen Those Photos That, On First Glance, Appear To Be Black And White But Actually Are Color Learn How To Purposefully Create Such Images To Delight Viewers At Their Subtlety And So Much Take Action, Scroll Back Up The Page And Get Your Very Own Copy Today Tags Photography, Photoshop, Photography Books, Photography Magazine, Photoshop Cc, Photo Books, Photoshop Cs, Photography For Dummies, Photography For Beginners, Photography Business, Photography Compostion, Photography For Kids, Photography Coffee Table Books, Photography Lighting, Dslr, Photography Composition, Landscape Photography, Darkroom Photography, Photography For Beginners, Photography Lighting, Digital Photography For Beginners, Digital Photography, Dslr Photography For Beginners, Portrait Photography, Dslr Photography

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