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  • Beyond A Boundary
  • Cyril Lionel Robert James
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  • 07 August 2018
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    James is a cricket centric author par excellence The prompt to read this book came from its being mentioned by Ed Smith in his book What Sport teaches us about Life.He also mentioned William Makepeace Thackeray and Vanity Fair, a book on Victorian and earlier Vanity.The cricket book is peppered with wonderful paragraphs lifted from the CLR James diaries The central theme is tales of cricket and it is

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    I ordered this book on the strength of a blog post by Kenan Malik I m not a huge fan of cricket and reading this book was sometimes like reading a Patrick O Brien novel a lot of jargon but it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book Though it did make me somewhat jealous of the affection, the knowledge and the passion, the author had for the game of cricket It s difficult to say exactly what this book is about as it is parts autobiography, biography, paean to the game of cricket, a treatise on art, a social history of England, Trinidad Tobago, an introduction to a national awakening and flowering, a literary review, a philosophical commentary, a window into the gradations of racism, the degradations caused by racism and the sun setting on an imperial power I ve never had the pleasure of reading something so eclectic and yet so informative.

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    This is the greatest cricket book ever written It s amazing Because it s not about cricket It s about life, about class, about politics, about colonialism, about racism Because James realises you can t talk about cricket without talking about these things As he says, what do they know of cricket that only cricket know Cricket books seem to work better than many other sport books because the game has only just started to change There s been no new equipment to revolutionise the game, no huge influxes of obscene money until this year Bradman would have scored runs by the hatful today, and Warne would have taken wickets by the bucketload then Which is lovely and means that this book feels almost as relevant now as when it was written.If you know a cricket fan or a sports fan, for that matter who hasn t read this book, buy it for them They will thank you

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    James s book is perhaps best known for the quote What do they know of cricket who only cricket know This book should be required reading for anybody aspiring to write or talk about the game Thought provoking, funny and angry by turns, this is masterful writing by an intellectual and political activist who sees his and his nation s cricketing development as inextricably linked with the politics and self identify, not only of his home country of Trinidad, but of the entire Caribbean.

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    This is an exquisitely evocative memoir full of poetic language and compelling encomia about cricket and life in colonial Trinidad CLR s style is magnanimous and warm making it an easy book to read despite some significant intellectualism I whole heartedly recommend this book to English cricket fans and social historians Magnificent.

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    This is a most unusual book, part autobiography, part politics, part cricket It is beautifully written, essential reading for those of us who think of cricket as a spiritual experience as well as a game CLR James must have been an exceptionally well educated man, and this shows in his ability to set his arguments out in an intelligent way It is not too intellectual, but occasionally it goes off at some curious tangents Most enjoyable.

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    Dated , but a fairly interesting background to Caribbean cricket

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    A classic, what wonderful writing.

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    Excellent travel through West Indian social life of the 20 30s to England via education, politics and cricket.C.L.R.James is a very erudite man and it shows.

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    An extraordinary account by an extraordinary man not really about cricket, about racism

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    Very much appreciated by the cricket exper tfor which it was bought A very good read Highly recommended Good price.

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    Bought as gift, recipient very pleased

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    A stunning book Beautifully written from the heart and soul Will probably become the only book I read twice in my life

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Beyond A Boundary To say the best cricket book ever written is piffingly inadequate praiseGuardian Great claims have been made for Beyond a Boundary since its first appearance inthat it is the greatest sports book ever written that it brings the outsider a privileged insight into West Indian culture that it is a severe examination of the colonial condition All are true Sunday TimesC L R James, one of the foremost thinkers of the twentieth century, was devoted to the game of cricket In this classic summation of half a lifetime spent playing, watching and writing about the sport, he recounts the story of his overriding passion and tells us of the players whom he knew and loved, exploring the game s psychology and aesthetics, and the issues of class, race and politics that surround it Part memoir of a West Indian boyhood, part passionate celebration and defence of cricket as an art form, part indictment of colonialism, Beyond a Boundary addresses not just a sport but a whole culture and asks the question, What do they know of cricket who only cricket know

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beyond A Boundary book, this is one of the most wanted Cyril Lionel Robert James author readers around the world.