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Bad Kids: The Naughtiest Children in History So You Re Standing Outside The Head S Office, Waiting To Be Told Off For Breaking A Classroom Window You Ve Got Sweaty Palms And A Serious Sinking Feeling In Your Stomach Do You Think No One S Ever Had A Life As Bad As You Well, You Re Wrong Kids In The Past Have Had To Suffer Much Worse Punishments Than A Lecture About How They Ve Let The Whole School Down For Instance However Angry Your Head Gets, It S Fairly Certain That She S Not Going To Put You In A Pillory And Nail Your Ears To It All Through History, Children Have Been Getting Into Some Serious Scrapes And They Didn T Often Get Off Lightly In Bad Kids Tony Robinson Takes You On A Guided Tour Through The Lives Of Outlaw Children From History, Their Dastardly Crimes And Awful Punishments For Gruesome History Facts Discover The Worst Children S Jobs In History. I really like Tony Robinson s work in the historical field Time Team, Worst Jobs, etc., but I have to admit that I m a bit disappointed in him I was browsing through the medieval section of this book, and read the section about bad King Richard throwing his innocent nephews in the cold, dark Tower of London The Tower at that time, while they did keep some prisoners there, was actually the royal residence in London And when young Edward arrived in London, the Tower was decided on as the most suitable, posh location for him to take up residence So the boys definitely were not living in the cold and dark Shame on you, Tony, for perpetuating a wrong story that is easily checked out What other information is wrong, then This seemed mistitled It really should be Abused Kids the horrible ways ancient adults treated kids It was a history of child maltreatment sprinkled with various individual stories of bad kids The authors used a light tone, but I would be careful which child I gave this to as it can be frightening Actually, I am going to give it to a mature tween as a Halloween gift as it is scarier than the Halloween book I bought for that purpose

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