[[ download pdf ]] Awesome Berlin Street Art (English Edition) Author Bastian Perla – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Awesome Berlin Street Art (English Edition) Berlin is considered the capital of street art thousands of pictures can be seen on facades, houses, and walls In addition to the large wall paintings, which are displayed on many firewalls in Berlin, and which can be seen from a distance, there is a large variety of small art treasures, which are often undetected Caro Eickhoff offers guided tours in Berlin through the creative neighborhoods Since her school, she is interested in street art It has set itself the task to bring to others the manifold works of art in Berlin Many artists from all over the world have immortalized themselves in Berlin, says Eickhoff Among other things from Brazil, Belgium, Italy, and Berlin are the painters, who often convey political and social critical messages with their street art Particularly exciting is the Kiez around the Silesian gate, says Eickhoff In the video, she explains what corners of Berlin are particularly exciting and why street art in Berlin has a lot to do with gentrification For the Berliner Zeitung, Caro Eickhoff compiled a small street art tour with selected works of art known but also unknown through Kreuzberg along the line U It starts at Schlesisches Tor, leads along the elevated railway over the Grlitzer Bahnhof to the Kottbusser Tor

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