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  • 09 January 2019
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Avengers: Endgame - The Official Movie SpecialAn in depth behind the scenes guide to the forthcoming Avengers Infinity War sequel, Avengers Endgame A deluxe collector s edition detailing the follow up film to the epic cinematic phenomenon Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame Go behind the scenes on the highly aniticipated Marvel film. This was a gift for my grandson 11 yr Ya he still reads books He had just seen the movie , I am always impressed with books this one was excellent The price is wonderful hard cover with reading for 11 yr old but with great pictures as well If you have anyone that loves advengers don t let this opportunity pass you by It came in 2days I love you Thanks again Avengers Endgame The Official Movie Special is both good bad It s good with the amazing interviews with the actors who play the so called surviving heroes from the movie Avengers Infinity War movie However, it s bad in that it reveals absolutely nothing about the Avengers Endgame movie or story, other than what has been learned from press releases and the official trailers seen prior to the official launch of the film.I m usually a fan of Titan books, and while I like this one it lets me down in a very major way The art on the cover is recycled within the book for each of the respective characters, and there are no actual new pictures, stills, concept art, or behind the scenes photos for the film at all Truth be told this book should ve been titled a Prelude to the Avengers Endgame, instead of stating it s an official movie special IMO.Marvel s tight grip to keep the film material secret, and to prevent spoilers ahead of the movie release have severely ruined any way for this to be a 5 star book since this book doesn t actually cover Avengers Endgame to it s fullest potential The interviews are really great though, but there s not much new in material that hasn t already been seen or discussed by the actors director writers. Waited until I saw Endgame to read For the most part, could have read it a year ago Zero on filling in Endgame storyline progression of events No elaboration on plot points, sequencing, continuity Zip on production runners decisions for outcomes, motivations or logic for choices made, or vision for future of the MCU Nothing on characters actors feelings reactions to the finale results completing the long movie journey, personal development on post Endgame directions for the survivors, any psychic repercussions PTSD And maybe even some significant things it would be nice to know. Nothing really new to it just information and photos from the previous Avengers Infinity War movie book special have to admit this issue is kind of disappointing compared to the others.

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