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Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? What Separates Your Mind From An Animal S Maybe You Think It S Your Ability To Design Tools, Your Sense Of Self, Or Your Grasp Of Past And Future All Traits That Have Helped Us Define Ourselves As The Planet S Preeminent Species But In Recent Decades, These Claims Have Eroded, Or Even Been Disproven Outright, By A Revolution In The Study Of Animal Cognition Take The Way Octopuses Use Coconut Shells As Tools Elephants That Classify Humans By Age, Gender, And Language Or Ayumu, The Young Male Chimpanzee At Kyoto University Whose Flash Memory Puts That Of Humans To Shame Based On Research Involving Crows, Dolphins, Parrots, Sheep, Wasps, Bats, Whales, And Of Course Chimpanzees And Bonobos, Frans De Waal Explores Both The Scope And The Depth Of Animal Intelligence He Offers A Firsthand Account Of How Science Has Stood Traditional Behaviorism On Its Head By Revealing How Smart Animals Really Are, And How We Ve Underestimated Their Abilities For Too LongPeople Often Assume A Cognitive Ladder, From Lower To Higher Forms, With Our Own Intelligence At The Top But What If It Is Like A Bush, With Cognition Taking Different Forms That Are Often Incomparable To Ours Would You Presume Yourself Dumber Than A Squirrel Because You Re Less Adept At Recalling The Locations Of Hundreds Of Buried Acorns Or Would You Judge Your Perception Of Your Surroundings As Sophisticated Than That Of A Echolocating Bat De Waal Reviews The Rise And Fall Of The Mechanistic View Of Animals And Opens Our Minds To The Idea That Animal Minds Are Far Intricate And Complex Than We Have Assumed De Waal S Landmark Work Will Convince You To Rethink Everything You Thought You Knew About Animal And Human Intelligence

10 thoughts on “Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

  1. Miranda Reads Miranda Reads says:

    The answer is no we are no where near smart enough to figure out how smart animals are Having escaped the Dark Ages in which animals were mere stimulus response machines, we are free to contemplate their mental livesThe prevailing theory used to be tha

  2. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I cannot give this book less than three stars because it contains lots of totally fascinating information about animals the greater and lesser apes, whales, octopus, fish, birds and elephants for example The author is a Dutch primatologist and ethologist He

  3. Wanda Wanda says:

    Instead of making humanity the measure of all things, we need to evaluate other species by what they are.The field of animal cognition needs to take a lesson from the field of human education the multiple intelligence model Not every student will be good at every

  4. WILLIAM2 WILLIAM2 says:

    The book is about clever experiments conducted to show that primates, crows, elephants, etc possess a sense of the future and the past, that they can a plan for the future, and that they unequivocally make tools Moreover the experiments discussed here demonstrate that a

  5. David David says:

    Well, some people are smart enough to know how smart animals are but some people are not It depends on whether experimenters can put themselves into the frame of the animal they are studying Testing an animal in the same way as one might test a human just doesn t cut it And t

  6. Margitte Margitte says:

    I m going to skip this one Tried for a few weeks to get through it Interesting Two stars means it was OK But did not rock my boat If it s meant for plebs like me, then write it in a language I would understand I guess it s meant for a different audience A great scientific exercise.

  7. Matthew Quann Matthew Quann says:

    Sometimes it can be hard to review a book for what it is instead of for what you wanted it to be This is probably most true of fiction, but science books also vary in the level of depth to which they explore their topic It can be tough as a reader to judge what audience the author is aft

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    If you read only one book on animal cognition or cognitive ethology, make it this one If you ve read a bunch, as I have, read this anyway There are some that areinteresting, orfocused, but this is the best current summary of the field, at least for a popular audience that I can find It concise

  9. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    For awhile Woodland Park Zoo in my hometown was in the midst of creating outdoor environments for most of its animals where they could run and hide through tall grasses and shrubbery, climb trees, jump on rocks, or swim in ponds, or swing on tires With every visit I saw fewer and fewer animals lived

  10. Julie Julie says:

    This is another one of my non reviewsof a literary emotional ramble than an actual critique Humans are arrogant This much I know about us as a species, so to answer the question that the title of this book suggests, I would have to say, generally, we haven t a clue how smart animals are We are just dumb a

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