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Archery Drill Book The Archery Drill Book covers all aspects of the sport It features overof the best drills for developing technique, skill, physical stamina and the focused mind set needed to shoot under pressure Renowned coaches and archers Steve Ruis and Mike Gerard have compile the most effective drills to help you focus your training on building accuracy and consistency Each drill provides step by step instructions, coach tips and variations There are drills to help refine recurve bow, longbow and compound bow techiques Skill building drills help improve timing and execution of your shot, while physical training drills build strength, stamina, consistency and balance Finally, the book s mental training drills help maintain your focus to deal with the pressures of competition You can maintain your motivation and enjoyment with the tips for changing the drills into games that add fun to your training There are also tips from elite archers and coaches such as Bob Ryder, Tom Dorigatti and Randi Smith They share their favourite drills and explain how these drills have been instrumental to their success Make The Archery Drill Book your go to resource to get the most of each and every training session