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Alex Rider 11. Never Say Die I can t explain The book was just so good Who knew that Alex was going to be on a flying bus, going to this broken down abandoned mine Also, for the Nightshade, I can t wait for that It ll be like Scorpia all over again.Pop Quiz1 Which brother died first A The Brother that has a G for a first oneB The other brother Sorry Don t rmember their names C Died at the same time2 How old is Alex A 13B 14C 153 What is the next book going to be about A NightshadeB ScorpiaC YassenAnswers 1 B 2 C 3 ADvorak1818 Signing out.Btw, check out a book made by me I was inspired by all the different authors I read books about First one called,The Epic StartSecond called,The Epic Challenge.Both on kindle Ulimited And to buy, 0.99 Peace Out The Explosive New Mission In The No Bestselling Series After Being Forcibly Recruited By MI, Teenage Super Spy Alex Rider Vowed He Would Never Go Back But Even Alex Can T Fight The Past, Especially When It Holds A Deadly Secret Alex Rider Is Back Okay, I must admit that I promised myself I would never read this, as Scorpia Rising was such a great final installment to the Alex Rider series, but I couldn t contain my curiosity and decided to buy it on my iPad But the question still remains is Never Say Die any good And the answer is, yes, yes it is Despite being the official 10th installment to the Alex Rider saga yeah, I know there was that Yassen book, but that was a spin off , Never Say Die captured my attention through the first page alone It felt fresh and different, while still retaining the Alex Rider feel that I m used to And the best part is that it gets started with Alex s next adventure My biggest worry was how long before we would see the story progress, but the book doesn t let anything get in the way of that It just jumps right on in and keeps going until the very end.I love how Horowitz handles Alex s PTSD in a post Scorpia Rising world You definitely feel that he has changed and that what he has been through will never allow for him to return to normal And when he gets a message that gives him hope, you feel that hope along with him because of the experience we felt with him in Scorpia Rising For the first time in so long, we see actual development with his character.But with that said, there are some negatives For one, there are a few continuity errors that are very noticeable At the end of the Scorpia Rising, it s said that no one knows about Alex s final mission against Scorpia or what actually happened to Jack However, this story implies that the Pleasure family knows about this And for another, the author mistakes two characters for the same person, Wolf and Ben Daniels There is a final negative, but I ll need to go into SPOILERS for that.For a return back to literature, Never Say Die earns its place among the Alex Rider series and doesn t disappoint Give it a read and decided for yourself.Warning SPOILER TERRITORY AHEAD Alright, now I m going to go into spoilers in this section So if you don t want to know anything, stop right here You ve been warned.I talked about a final negative I had with this book and that s the fact that the ending undoes certain developments from the last novel Jack is alive, both her and Alex are living in London again, Mrs Jones is thinking of using Alex again for another mission leading into the next book , and Alex is beginning to feel that things are beginning to get better However, I think that undoes most of the development Alex has gone through I like seeing him having to go through the pain of losing Jack and what that means for his new life I liked seeing that some realism is introduced into the series But by bringing Jack back, it makes everything in the last book just feel pointless now There s no emotion to be had any, no complexity And it took away the lesson that the life of a spy is one filled with ugliness, one that Alex learned big time.I also disliked that Alex and Sabina are no longer in a relationship together, or at least for not given a reason why they broke up The last book definitely confirmed they were dating, but now they re suddenly back to being friends again, without any explanation as to why Sure, we could put the pieces together, as the two are adopted siblings now and how Alex has been distant from her, but its the way how they act that feels off It s almost as if the relationship never happened between them Maybe the author will pair them back together in the future ahead, as they are no longer adopted siblings any.My biggest worry is whether or not Horowitz has a plan in what he s going to do with this series, now that it s back I don t want it to just be the run of the mill I don t want it to just mission after mission, another big bad organization to take down I want a direction and end game for this series The only thing that comes to mind that is interesting to see happen, is Alex s life as a spy being exposed to the public That is something that I want to see happen in this series.But, for what its worth, Never Say Die is a fine installment and will make any Alex Rider fan happy Enjoy reading Such a disappointment Major breach of continuity in terms of the cultural spirit, character, feel of the series If I d known Horowitz was going to turn over a new leaf in such a bad way, I wouldn t have bothered to read it It just doesn t have the same suspense, excitement, creativity, compulsively readable quality as the original series Too many things were too forcedAnd speaking of that don t even get me started on the force feeding of the PC garbage Unrealistic, offensive BS that staunchly ignores reality as millions have to suffer it everyday while the PC Gestapo attack truth and victims instead of the blatantly inhumane words and actions of actual oppressors, and the transparent lies told by their apologists Go read the original series instead, which ended with Russian Roulette Better yet, find some good, old fashioned Robert Ludlum. A great novel yet again from Anthony Horowitz The Alex Rider Wolf Fox Daniels that any Alex Rider fan would spot I expect this will be put right on the second edition.I couldn t help but compare this to Scorpia Rising That novel was fantastic we saw the dark side of Alex Rider and there was a lot of emotion in that which was just lacking in this You sometimes hated him, other times admired him In this, it s just non stop heroism for Alex In addition, the writing felt considerably less sophisticated and rather clunky But maybe that s just to do with growing older and reading books.I did like the miraculous plot twists The writing is as fast paced as ever I m sure it will appeal to young teens as it always has, and it s going to sell, but will we ever get a proper ending where Alex Rider lives happily ever after

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