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AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order (English Edition) eBook: Kai-Fu Lee: Tienda Kindle On the one hand, a history lesson on the evolution of technology in China, essential to understand its current position regarding A.I then possible ways for the A.I allows us to take care of ourselves and our environment, with lo ve.THANKS Kay Fu Lee for you book. A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, And USA Today Bestseller Featured On CBS Minutes Kai Fu Lee Named A Wired Icon, As Part Of Wired Magazine S Th Anniversary Feature Publishers Weekly Fall Top In Business After Thirty Years Of Pioneering Work In Artificial Intelligence At Google China, Microsoft, Apple And Other Companies, Lee Says He S Figured Out The Blueprint For Humans To Thrive In The Coming Decade Of Massive Technological Disruption Let Us Choose To Let Machines Be Machines, And Let Humans Be Humans Forbes Provocative Fortune Kai Fu Lee Believes China Will Be The Next Tech Innovation Superpower And In His New And First Book, AI Superpowers China, Silicon Valley, And The New World Order, He Explains Why Taiwan Born Lee Is Perfectly Positioned For The Task New York Magazine Both A Provocative And Readable Distillation Of The Conventional Wisdom On AI Supremacy, As Well As A Challenge To It Financial Times AI Superpowers China, Silicon Valley, And The New World Order, By Kai Fu Lee, About The Ways That Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping The World And The Economic Upheaval New Technology Will Generate We Need To Start Thinking Now About How To Address These Gigantic Changes Senator Mark Warner, When Asked About The Best Book He S Read All Year, Politico Kai Fu Lee S Smart Analysis On Human AI Coexistence Is Clear Eyed And A Must Read We Must Look Deep Within Ourselves For The Values And Wisdom To Guide AI S Development Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft In His Brilliant Book, Kai Fu Lee Applies His Superpowers To Predicting The Disruptive Shifts That Will Define The AI Powered Future And Proposes A Revolutionary Social Contract That Forges A New Synergy Between AI And The Human Heart Marc Benioff, Chairman AI Is Surpassing Human Intelligence In And Domains, Transforming The Planet Kai Fu Lee Has Been At The Epicentre Of The AI Revolution For Thirty Years And Has Now Written The Definitive Guide Erik Brynjolfsson, Professor, MIT, Bestselling Co Author Of The Second Machine Age And Machine, Platform, Crowd Kai Fu Lee Is At The Forefront Of The Coming AI Revolution, Helping Us Transcend The Limitations Of Thought, Reach, And Vision This Seminal Book On AI Is A Must Read For Anyone Serious About Understanding The Future Of Our Species Peter Diamandis, Executive Founder, Singularity University Bestselling Author Of Abundance And BOLD Truly One Of The Wisest And Most Surprising Takes On AI Kai Fu Lee Connects It With Humans In A Logical Yet Inspiring Way You Ll Find This Book Illuminating And Exciting In Equal Measure Chris Anderson, Head Of TED In This Riveting Page Turner, One Of The Founding Fathers Of China S AI Industry Tells The Inside Story Of China A Rise As An AI Superpower, And Shares His Inspiring Recipe For Us Flourishing Rather Than Floundering With AI Prof Max Tegmark, Professor, MIT And Bestselling Author Of Life Being Human In The Age Of AI Kai Fu Lee S Experience As An AI Pioneer, Top Investor, And Cancer Survivor Has Led To This Brilliant Book About Global Technology AI Superpowers Gives Us A Guide To A Future That Celebrates All The Benefits That AI Will Bring, While Cultivating What Is Unique About Our Humanity It S One Of Those Books You Read And Think, Why Are People Reading Any Other Book Right Now When This Is So Clearly The One They Need To Be Reading Arianna Huffington, Founder, HuffPost, And Founder Kai Fu Lee Has A Deep Understanding Of The Science Behind The Recent Progress In AI As Well As Of China S Growth As An AI Technological Superpower In This Book, He Shares Illuminating Insights On How AI Is Likely To Transform Our Societies And Change Its Economic And Political Landscapes, Always With The Eye Of One Who Cares About Humanity And Asks Us To Choose Our Future Wisely Yoshua Bengio, Scientific Director Of MILA, Deep Learning Pioneer And Co Author Of Deep Learning Kai Fu Lee May Have The Most Comprehensive View Of The Global Technology Scene Of Any Living Person Alan Murray, President, FORTUNE AI Is Already Presenting New Economic Opportunities And New Problems Of Governance For The United States And China To Deal With This Breakthrough, We First Must Understand How It Is Being Applied To Transform Our Lives And Our Economies AI Superpowers Is A Superb Primer On This Important Driver Of Change George Shultz, Former US Secretary Of State Kai Fu Lee Has Great Insights On One Of Today S Most Exciting And Important Technological Trends China S Rapid Development And Commitment To The Future Should Bring An Interesting And Exciting Challenge To The US The Game Is On John Chen, Chairman Kai Fu Lee Has Been Part Of The AI Revolution For Decades Now, In This Fascinating And Galvanizing Book, He Puts Into Perspective China S Role In The Emergence Of AI Superpowers Onto The Global Scene He Also Gives Us An Optimistic View Of A Future Where, Working Together With AI Systems, People Can Augment And Amplify Many Aspects Of Work And Life Daniela Rus, Professor And Director, MIT Computer Science And Artificial Intelligence Laboratory A Unique Book By One Of The Leading Pioneers Of The Field Of AI Kai Fu Lee Is A Top Notch Researcher, Business Executive And Investor He Tells The Tale Of AI In China And The US Better Than Anyone Else A Great Read Sebastian Thrun, Rebel, And Founder, Udacity Kai Fu Lee Has A Message For Westerners That Should Be Heard Loudly The Chinese Are Coming And Are Positioned To Dominate The AI Era As An American Technologist, The Book Well Laid Out A Cautionary Tale For My Fellow Silicon Valley Inhabitants Robert Scoble, Futurist Kai Fu Lee S Analysis Of The Perils And Promises Of AI Is Clear, Convincing, Technically Sophisticated, Deeply Personal, And Humane Reading This Book Has Given Me A New Way To Think About The Technological Future Of China, The United States, And The World James Fallows, The Atlantic, Author Of China Airborne And Our Towns Nobody Understands The Complex Of Issues That Will Drive The Explosive Development Of Artificial Intelligence In China And The US Better Than Kai Fu Lee He Is A Technical Wizard Who Has Led AI Research And Development Teams In Both Countries, Has Lived In Both Cultures, And Today Operates One Of The Most Prominent AI Venture Funds In China His Insights Into The Diverse Cultural, Governmental And Technical Factors That Will Frame The Competition Between Nations Make This Book A Must Read For Anybody Interested In The Future Of AI, And How It Might Change The World Order Tom Mitchell, Professor Of Machine Learning, Carnegie Mellon University In This Riveting Narrative, Kai Fu Lee Provides A Brief History Of China S Emergence As An AI Superpower In The Short Span Of Two Decades To Rival The United States Previously Unchallenged Supremacy A Must Read For Anyone Who Is Curious About What The Future Might Hold Raj Reddy, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Turing Award Recipient Kai Fu Starts Off Praising Artificial Intelligence, His Passion For Thirty Seven Years, And Ends With A Heartfelt Homage To Love This Book Is A Moving Pilgrimage From Head To Heart By Arguably The Most Successful Chinese Engineer In History Larry Brilliant, Technologist And Philanthropist The Book Offers A Wise Guide To How We, As Individuals, Should Set Our Priorities Each Day, Each Month, And Each Year And It Offers An Equally Wise, Global Perspective On How Society Might Build A Future That Harmonizes AI S Power To Think With Humanity S Distinctive Capacities For Love, Service, And Compassion Jeffrey Lehman, Vice Chancellor, NYU Shanghai, Former President, Cornell University Kai Fu Lee S Book Is A Must Read For The Creators Seeking To Understand And Harness The Potential Of AI For Themselves, Their Organizations, And For The Benefit Of The World John Hopcroft, Professor, Cornell University, And Turing Award Recipient In His Insightful And Heartfelt Book, Kai Fu Lee Provides A History And Roadmap For Artificial Intelligence From His Unique, First Hand, Multi Cultural Perspective This Instant Classic Offers A Clear Eyed Assessment Of The State Of The Art Along With Its Likely Impact On The Future Of Work, Wealth, And International Competition But It Is Also Much Lee Delivers His Wisdom With Characteristic Clarity And Humility, Richly Illustrated With Inspirational Stories And Lessons Drawn From His Lifetime Of Professional And Personal Experiences Every Civic Minded Engineer, Entrepreneur, And Public Official Should Keep This Book By His Or Her Bedside As An Inspirational Reminder Of What It Means To Lead A Life Of Purpose And Service Jerry Kaplan, AI Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, Technical Innovator, Educator, Bestselling Author, And Futurist Few People Have Had Kai Fu Lee S Diverse Experience In AI His Experience Has Made Him A Sort Of Oracle When It Comes To Trends In AI Related Technology In Asia And The Rest Of The World This Book Tells The Story Yann LeCun, Director, Facebook Research Remarkable And Insightful Meticulously Researched And Riveting Adeline Mah, Bestselling Author Of Falling Leaves Having Worked Closely With Both Of Them, Kai Fu Lee S Brilliance For Understanding And Explaining The New AI World Order Is Comparable To How Steve Jobs Explained How Personal Computing Would Fundamentally Change Humanity Kai Fu S Book Is That Good John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple Kai Fu Lee Has Spent His Career Being Right About Technology In A World Where I Fear Many Op Ed Writers Are Worrying About Spurious Side Issues Of AI Or Being Hopelessly Optimistic About Technology Automatically Causing Prosperity, Kai Fu S Clear Thinking Is Refreshing It Is Particularly Important To Understand His Careful Dissection Of Why US Vs China Is Not A Zero Sum Game, But With Compassion And Focus Can Lead To Wins For The Whole World And The Personal Story Of An Arch Technologist S Response To Dire Medical News Is Fascinating I Will Be Recommending This To All My Friends Who Want A Primer On What S Really Going On With AI Andrew Moore, Dean, School Of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University Kai Fu Lee Offers An Entertaining, Insightful, And Sobering Look At The Not So Distant Future Of AI And China S Role In Propelling It Forward Its Pages Expose Our Smugness Over Our Own Technological Prowess And Urge Us To Think Carefully About The Implications Of AI For Society And, Indeed, Humanity At Large Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab Kai Fu Lee Has Written An Essential Book For Our Times His Lively, Readable And Personal Perspective On China S Transformative Achievements In Technology And Innovation Is Especially Important Required Reading For Every Policy Maker, Technologist, And Business Leader In The West Marcus Brauchli, Former Executive Editor, The Washington Post, And Managing Editor, The Wall Street Journal Kaifu Lee Is A Legend On Both Sides Of The Pacific He Deserves To Be Called A Genius, Because He Has Shown Extraordinary Intellect He Is Not Only An Expert In Technology, Especially AI, But Also An Entrepreneur Who Has Inspired So Many To Pursue Their Dreams Only A Handful Of People Aspire To Change The World, And Among Them Only A Handful Do Lee Belongs In That Rare Category, And In This Book He Offers All Of Us Insight Into How He Thinks And How He Has Done What He Has Done Frank H Wu, President, The Committee Of If You Care About The Future Being Brought To Us By AI, This Is The One Indispensable Book Of If You Re An Entrepreneur, Investor, Or Business Leader, You Ll Relish The Handicapping Of The Relative Strengths Of The US And China As AI Superpowers, And The Analysis Of The Stages By Which AI Will Transform The Economy If You Re A Policymaker, You Ll Find Here The Recipe For A Successful Future Human Economy, Even As And Tasks Are Automated Anyone Who Reads It Will Be Reminded That AI Does Not Change What Really Matters Tim O Reilly, Founder, O Reilly Media This Masterful, Moving, And Intensely Personal Story Illuminates The Future Of AI In China And The United States For Prosperity To Be Shared, Kai Fu Lee S Voice Must Be Heard Simply A Must Read For All Stephen A Orlins, President, National Committee On US China Relations Kai Fu Lee Distinguishes Himself From The Multitude Of Pundits On AI That Have Emerged Recently In That He Has First Hand Experience In Research, Corporate Leadership And Investment In The Field, As Well As Deep Working Experience In The Two Leading AI Powers In The World US And China This Unique Background Gives Him Unmatched Insight In This Fast Evolving Field This Is A Timely And Important Book Tony FChan, President Of Hong Kong Univ Of Science Tech And Former Assistant Director Of The National Science FoundationTHE NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, AND WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLERDr Kai Fu Leeone Of The Worlds Most Respected Experts On AI And Chinareveals That China Has Suddenly Caught Up To The US At An Astonishingly Rapid And Unexpected Pace In AI Superpowers, Kai Fu Lee Argues Powerfully That Because Of These Unprecedented Developments In AI, Dramatic Changes Will Be Happening Much Sooner Than Many Of Us Expected Indeed, As The US Sino AI Competition Begins To Heat Up, Lee Urges The US And China To Both Accept And To Embrace The Great Responsibilities That Come With Significant Technological Power Most Experts Already Say That AI Will Have A Devastating Impact On Blue Collar Jobs But Lee Predicts That Chinese And American AI Will Have A Strong Impact On White Collar Jobs As Well Is Universal Basic Income The Solution In Lees Opinion, Probably Not But He Provides A Clear Description Of Which Jobs Will Be Affected And How Soon, Which Jobs Can Be Enhanced With AI, And Most Importantly, How We Can Provide Solutions To Some Of The Most Profound Changes In Human History That Are Coming Soon Un libro a tener en cuenta para tener perspectiva sobre la inteligencia artificial y lo que va a suponer en nuestras vidas Kay Fu Lee explica los condicionantes de China y Sillicon Valley para estar liderando el desarrollo de IA en estos momentos y c mo ve l hacia d nde podemos ir tanto c mo optimista y pesimista.Recomendable. Uno de los libros m s interesantes que he le do en los ltimos tiempos. Todo aquel que quiera saber m s de como China esta revolucionando internet y la Inteligencia Artificial debe leer este libro. Este libro est escrito por un peso pesado de la Inteligencia Artificial Kai Fu Lee ha sido uno de los mayores cient ficos y directores de proyectos de IA En Apple, Google ahora Alphabet , Microsoft Y quiz m s interesante, es un empresario que asigna capital a start ups en su condici n de empresario y gestor de los m s importantes fondos de capital riesgo dedicados al asunto Esto es tener prestigio y autoridad un criterio t cnico de primer orden y la responsabilidad de jugarse su dinero y el de los dem s a la hora de invertir la pasta Su doble condici n de chino taiwan s educado y formado en USA y su trabajo actual a caballo entre la China continental y USA, Silicon Valley y W Street, le permite gozar adem s de un privilegiado puesto de observaci n.El autor intenta explicar primero, de manera quiz un tanto superficial, en qu consiste esto de la IA, sus diferentes enfoques y porqu es tan importante Hay muchos m s libros sobre el asunto y eso mismo no merecer a cuatro estrellas Y no est solo en determinar qui nes son las dos grandes superpotencias Es un lugar com n entre los que saben que solo China y USA son las superpotencias Pero su intento de determinar qui n de las dos ser la hegem nica y el curso de su razonamiento para concluir que ser China no es ni mucho menos habitual Y lo comparto.USA ha sido durante d cadas el gran gorila de 300 kilos en ciencias inform ticas El resto del mundo y China a n m s le han copiado inmisericordemente y han sufrido un retraso de a os Pero las cosas est n cambiando y el autor se esfuerza en determinar, campo a campo de la IA, qui n ser el futuro ganador.En IA, que pretende establecer una algoritmizaci n predictiva o de modelaci n, lo m s importante son los datos y no tanto el genio o la mediocridad de los ingenieros de software que los parametrizan Este ltimo componente se ha comoditizado mientras que los datos siguen siendo lo fundamental Es mejor un ingeniero mediocre con muchos datos que un genio absoluto con pocos datos Y China, un estado integrado de casi 1.500 millones, es en esto el campe n absoluto Si Uber tiene 200 millones de clientes, Dudu Chuxing tiene cuatro veces m s Si el mejor sistema de pagos telef nico americano tiene unas decenas de millones de clientes, Wechat y Ant Financial tienen 600 700 millones de clientes.No es solo que China tenga m s datos En USA es poco sabido que el Estado a trav s de Darpa y muchas m s agencias ha intervenido en la financiaci n y progreso tecnol gico de muchos de los grandes gigantes tecnol gicos americanos, bien sean Facebook, Google, Microsoft o Tesla Pero en China el Estado es omnipresente, de manera mucho m s estable, fluida y bidireccional Nadie se extra a de que el Ceo de Huawei, l der en 5G, sea un militar retirado o que Jack Ma de Alibaba haya sido toda su vida un miembro del PCCh Y el Estado tiene un gran designio en el que va volcar todo el enorme poder econ mico, militar y social de China ser el l der mundial tecnol gico en 2.025, tambi n en aquellos campos donde va m s retrasado, como las diversas industrias de chips de alt simo rendimiento Esta centralizaci n de prop sito frente a la disgregaci n propia de una sociedad ultracapitalista y por tanto incoordinable, es una ventaja decisiva, a mi juicio Algunos de los otros factores que a ade el autor son tambi n relevantes que el nivel de competitividad de las empresas chinas enaniza la supuesta guerra feroz de las compa as americanas es tambi n un lugar com n Que el enfoque chino para extenderse m s all de sus fronteras es totalmente diferente del sistema americano, no tanto Las empresas americanas establecen un modelo com n, elegante, excepcionalmente bueno, para el p blico americano y tratan luego de exportarlo al resto del mundo El objetivo es que la adaptaci n se parezca lo m s posible al original Digamos que es un modelo MacDonald Los chinos, y aqu no puede uno por menos que hacer una referencia al car cter milenario de su cultura, refinada y sabia, usan un enfoque mucho m s hol stico y se adaptan Dan al consumidor de cada pa s lo que quiere y si por azar dan con una mina exportable la reaplican en China u otros pa ses La integraci n y adaptabilidad de Tencent, Alibaba y otros gigantes chinos es incomparablemente mayor que la de sus competidores americanos Dan m s servicio, pura y lisamente Wechat es la aplicaci n del futuro y es omnicomprensiva Nadie se puede sorprender que los mayores fabricantes de m viles sean ahora chinos, que su 5G, cr tica, sea la mejor y la m s barata y que las tasas de penetraci n de uso sean cuasi universales en China pero no en USA una vendedora de lechugas ambulante en China recibe pagos y paga a trav s de su m vil mientras que un americano medio lo hace a trav s de sistemas obsoletos del siglo XX, como las tarjetas de cr dito.Dejando de lado la ltima parte del libro, la experiencia personal del autor con un c ncer felizmente resuelto, la otra rea que aborda el libro es la incidencia econ mica que tiene la IA No puedo asentir m s con lo que dice el autor En IA, en esta 4 Revoluci n Industrial, el ganador se lo queda todo y el mantra de la destrucci n creativa schumpeteriana est por ver, aunque lo visto y lo previsible es que haya un enorme incremento del paro y la desigualdad Nuevamente aqu China tiene una enorme ventaja competitiva frente a un Estado como el americano que muestra claros signos de decadencia y hasta de bufoner a, como lo demuestra el actual Agente Naranja.Para terminar, el libro es interesante porque alimenta la tesis del desplazamiento de la hegemon a mundial, de la rotaci n secular de hegemones El centro del mundo se ha desplazado, se quiera ver o no, del Atl ntico al Pac fico No es ya Rotterdam, sino el estrecho de Kalimantan y Singapur Zhong Guo, China o el Pa s del Centro, es efectivamente el nuevo nfalos del mundo, con su acceso a un mercado de 4.500 millones de personas Los mejores papers de investigaci n en matem ticas y computaci n no son ya monopolio de la Ivy League, Oxford y Cambridge, sino de universidades que dan sus clases en chino, en China, Hong Kong, Taipeh, Singapur El coche el ctrico despega en China casi dos millones de veh culos se van a vender all este 2019 y el aut nomo lo tiene todo para el acopio de datos que es lo que le hace ser seguro El 70% de las bater as las hace China y casi el 100% diversas empresas asi ticas La iniciativa de la Ruta de la Seda es por supuesto interesada y si se quiere hasta neocolonialista, pero es la que va a triunfar As que asistimos a un cambio civilizatorio y cultural Despu s de todo, la revancha de las culturas comunitaristas, las asi ticas, solo ha podido llegar cuando las culturas individualistas occidentales han llegado a su punto m ximo de incoherencia, a su Apor a Suprema, como lo demuestra el caso del trumpismo americano Quiz no sea tan malo pero siempre nos queda saber que no ser la primera vez en la historia que fuerzas muy inferiores han podido sobreponerse a tendencias que en su momento se consideraban irrestibles, como lo demuestra el caso de Grecia frente a Persia o Inglaterra frente a la Francia de Luis XIV.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order (English Edition) eBook: Kai-Fu Lee: Tienda Kindle book, this is one of the most wanted Kai Fu Lee author readers around the world.

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