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A Potter's Book When potters throw clay onto a stone, they make a connection across centuries to ancient workshops The techniques and traditions of these early craftsmen, especially those of China s Sung dynasty, still inform many of the pottery practices in use today, thanks to the seminal work of Bernard Leach Leach s A Potter s Book was among the first to collect ancient workshop traditions for modern use in studios, emphasizing functional work It became an immediate hit among potters who embraced its ideal of unity, spontaneity, and simplicity of form Leach, considered the father of British studio pottery, went on to establish of one of the most respected studios in the world with the ideas of A Potter s Book at its foundation With this classic book, potters can learn everything, from how to set up their workshop to how to adapt pigment and glaze recipes to how to design custom kilns It spotlights four types of pottery Japanese raku, English slipware, stoneware, and oriental porcelain Thanks to Leach s time in Japan and collaborations with master potter Shoji Hamada, it also serves as a fascinating look at the interplay between Eastern and Western art