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A Picture Book Of Amelia Earhart (Picture Book Biography) Learnabout the legendary pilot who became the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic You may know Amelia Earhart as one of history s most beloved aviators, but did you know she grew up playing football and studied automobile engine repair This clear and concise picture book biography with bright, colorful illustrations follows brave Amelia throughout her inspiring lifetime From her first plane ride, on Christmas Day in 1920, to her famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, Amelia s life took on new purpose when she discovered her love of flying She later became the first person to fly alone across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and had many other adventures that brought her to places like Hawaii and Mexico In 1937, Amelia vanished while attempting to fly around the world Her mysterious disapperance and incredible life story have fascinated the world ever since.This entry in Adler s well known series includes a timeline, author s note, and bibliography Repackaged paperback edition has an updated cover.For almost thirty years, David Adlers Picture Book Biography series has profiled famous people who changed the world Colorful, kid friendly illustrations combine with Adlers expert mixtures of facts and personality Booklist to introduce young readers to history through compelling biographies of presidents, heroes, inventors, explorers, and adventurers These books are ideal for first and second graders interested in history, or who need reliable sources for school book reports. I thought this book would be a little story heavy since it s a picture book, but it s mostly a history lesson My 4YO likes it, though She told me that Amelia Earhart was the first women to fly over the Cacatic Ocean Atlantic , so she s learning I think it s a good educational book, but not one that I, as a parent, would enjoy reading over and over. My whole family loves these books, and Amelia Earhart is my daughter s current favorite We own about seven of the books in this series, and each one is as good as the next We are planning to collect the whole series They are a second or third grade reading level but the information is presented clearly enough that younger kids can grasp the essentials At the same time, there is enough substance that older kids have plenty to think about Adults can learn something too I recommend this book, and the whole series, very highly. I ordered this book to read with adults with special needs They really enjoyed learning about someone they ve heard of Great pictures to keep them interested and enough story give actual facts.

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