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A Little Women Christmas A cherished holiday scene from a beloved classic comes to life in this festive, cozy picture book homage to Little WomenIts almost Christmas, and Jo March is determined that this year, unlike the last, there will be presents It is in this spirit that she and her dear friend Laurie build a snow maiden for poor, sick Beth The next day, Beth is thrilled with her present, and each of the girls, in turn, receives a little something from the others But the best gift of all arrives when Papa, who has been away at war and ill, makes a surprise return home for Christmas dinner With a timeless message of goodwill and giving and stunning painted artwork, A Little Women Christmas makes a perfect gift for fans of Louisa May Alcotts literary treasure as well as for anyone who appreciates the true meaning of Christmas

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    A Little Women Christmas is a wonderful Victorian style children s Christmas picture book This hardback book measures 9 3 8 inches by 12 1 4 inches and has 30 pages Every page is a full color full page illustration Each illustration covers two pages in a double page format One page contains a small paragraph or two on a full color full page illustration and the other side is a full page full color page without text The beautiful Victorian looking illustrations are rendered in Turner Acryl Gouache There is a beautiful full color pictorial cover with matching full color dust jacket Gazing at the pictorial cover opens one s mind and interest to a Victorian period of time and a desire to find out about the famous March family of Little Women fame The illustrator created colors and characters with clothing, hairstyles and expressions reminiscent of this time.Christmas is coming and this year will be different for the March family they will have gifts to open on Christmas morning thanks to Jo and Laurie, the March family s neighbor On the very first page you are struck by a female Jo March, who appears quite different from her sisters Jo has a very closely cropped head compared to the beautiful long, shiny and curled hair of her sisters Jo had her hair chopped off so she could help her ailing father who was a chaplain in the Union Army and was lying ill in a hospital in Washington, D.C Jo and Laurie had just finished a special surprise a snow maiden for her sister, Beth, who was also very ill this Christmas.Father s chair had sat empty for a long time and the March sisters often gazed at it with longing in their eyes This Christmas would be kind of empty without their father However, Jo and Laurie made sure there would be presents for everyone this Christmas On Christmas morning there was the special snow maiden for Beth and for Amy, the artist in the family, there was a framed picture For Jo, who meant to be a writer, there was a book and thanks to Laurie s grandfather, Meg got a new silk dress And for Marmee, the March girls mother, there was a popular Victorian gift a brooch made out of intertwining locks of her daughter s hair Everyone was very happy on this Christmas except they longed for their missing father Later in the day there was another special gift announced by Laurie none other than Mr March himself It was, indeed, the ending for a perfect Christmas day.The book is an easy read with meaningful illustrations This children s Christmas book teaches that the most important gifts of Christmas are family and family members This would also be a great book to introduce children to the Victorian Era I loved the book and would highly recommend it to children in grade three and above.

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    I was disappointed in the quality of the book it looked so much richer when viewed on line.

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