[[ Free pdf ]] A History & Guide to the Cricket World Cup Author Andrew Roberts – Andy-palmer.co.uk

A History & Guide to the Cricket World Cup For the first time in 20 years, the Cricket World Cup returns to England and Wales and with our National team close to the top of the one day rankings, expectation and enthusiasm for this event is bound to be high Each of the eleven tournaments have been written up that include records of matches and individual performances, as well as a brief setting of the scene Clear and concise, these chapters include the relevant statistics highest and lowest totals, match aggregates, highest partnerships, top individual batting and bowling performances and biggest and smallest victory margins etc Quirky findings such as the lowest team total to include a century partnership, birthday performances, most batsmen bowled out in an innings, as well as many , are revealed in the miscellany section, and which are sure to delight cricket lovers A History Guide to the Cricket World Cup is informative, factual and engaging, and is sure to make the perfect companion for attendees of this year s tournament.

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