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Toorpakai, M: Different Kind of Daughter Armed with a squash racket and enormous will, Maria Toorpakai has risen from the turmoil of tribal life in Pakistan to become not only a world class athlete, but a true inspiration, a pioneer for millions of other women struggling to pave their own paths to autonomy, fulfilment and genuine personhood Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner Maria Toorpakai Wazir has lived her life disguised as a boy, defying the Taliban, in order to pursue her love of sport Coming second in a national junior weightlifting event for boys, Maria decided to put her future in her own hands by going in disguise When she discovered squash and was easily beating all the boys, life became dangerous Heart stopping and profoundly moving, Maria shares the story of her long road and eventual triumph, pursuing the sport she loved, defying death threats and following her dream

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  • 14 January 2019
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About the Author: Maria Toorpakai

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Toorpakai, M: Different Kind of Daughter book, this is one of the most wanted Maria Toorpakai author readers around the world.

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    I found this book through the Simon Mayo s Books of the Year podcast I am about half way through it and so far I m finding it hard to put down It is the autobiography of a girl growing up in Pakistan in the 1990s It talks about her liberal, unconventional family and how, with their support, she became a champion squash player despite the obstacles she had to face simply because of her gender Inspirational.

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    This is an amazing book that describes Maria s life in such beautiful detail that I felt I was actually there An incredible story about an incrdible person and family I am recommending it to everyone I see

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    good read.

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    A total inspiration.I would like to know about the wonderfully supportive Toorpakai family I have given this book as presents to two people.

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    This is a beautifully written book that once I started reading, I couldn t put it away until the end It is so graphic in detail and on emotional content that I felt as if all the events were unfolding right before my eyes I went into feelings of joy and agony and am saying without any qualms that I shed tears of joy and sorrow a number of times.Maria narrates her experiences with persecution of women in the tribal areas, street urchins, pedophiles and this is astonishing that she shares that , Talibans, squash playing rival boys, elements of nature, etc in such an exciting way that my heart kept pounding hard at what may come next and strike me off my feet.Maria s account also details the horror of terrorism caused by Pakistani Talibans in the province of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, as she and her family saw tragedy at a close range I kept shuddering while reading the account as if a suicide bomber may just blow himself off next to me anytime.Somehow, I kept comparing this book with the one that came out over two years ago, namely, I am Malala by the Nobel Prize winner Malala Yusafzai.Malala, who grew up in a relatively developed Pushtoon region of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province wanted all girls provided freedom to get education, expressed views in her book that were representative of the anti establishment Pushtoon nationalist party ANP By comparison, Maria s views are representative of a proud Pushtoon of tribal Wazir tribe, who also loves her country and works for liberation of Pakistani women to excel in each and every field of life When I was reading Malala s book, while I admired her enormous struggle through an ordeal that perhaps none of the readers went through and her subsequent great work, I somewhat resented her showing reservation for love of her country and its icons Compared to that, when I was reading Maria s account of going through the hardships, I felt proud that she had immense love for her country, its people, and all those who helped her during various stages of her life.This book will also educate the readers on the deeply conservative, even primitive culture of Pakistan s farthest tribal area of South Waziristan, the Wazir Tribe, the Talibans, and the popularity of the game of squash in Pakistan.One answer that the readers will be able to find in this book is why Taliban movement in Pakistan was able to find support in the tribal belt of Pakistan.Compared to Malala, Maria has found it easier to make a positive impression on the heart and souls of Pakistanis and a broader squash playing community by remaining attached to her roots and therefore, she can be a better resource for uplifting the conditions of women and girls in that terrorism hit country.

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    This is on of the best books I ve read in years I stayed up to finish it, and then I read it again The language is so beautiful it s like eating silk, and the story grips you like a great work of fiction But this story is true Maria is an inspiration, tough and fearless, risking everything to be who she is, and to win her freedom Her world is terrifying and often brutal, but she and her amazing family are forces for change In a world gripped with terror from ISIS, Maria s story provides amazing insight into the history of the region, the mind set of fundamentalists, and stands as proof that their world view can be defeated even by a little girl In a world where we are asked to believe simple narratives, like they hate our freedom, or Muslims need to do , this book makes it clear that Muslims are just as likely to suffer at the terrorist gunpoint, just as the victims of hatred have in Paris, California, and now Florida Devastating, thrilling, enlightening, beautiful, and important with each new terrorist attack I can not recommend this book highly enough

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    Incredible story, very well told Words like tenacity, courage, limitless energy, focus, etc seem inadequate in describing Maria She is the hero on the stage, but behind her story were her parents who built the stage for her They had the courage to get her onto that stage and keep her there.

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    This is a story hard to believe and yet I do I would like to meet this young woman and her family as they have courage and faith than anyone could imagine I hope to hear about her and her new life in Canada I hope too that her family will stay safe This is an unimaginable history of the lives of ordinary people in Pakistan today Nobody could make up the story she tell I wish her luck and success in the future and well being for all her family I hope they stay safe.

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    A terrace book about an extremely courageous young woman

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    Very inspirational I learned a lot about the history and political background of Pakistan, as well as the harsh reality of life for the people of the country.

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