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A Cinema of Loneliness the spielberg chapter is best, its not just about spielberg, but the entire era of commercial film he talks about the invulnerable elasticity of rambos body goodfellas came on tv during thanksgiving while i finished reading the scorsese chapter that was cool violence in goodfellas is exuberant, but the violence in casino is redemptive, you feel it, its what you have to see as penance for loving goodfellas Kubrick i saw all kubricks movies when he died, when i was a teen, so ill never understand them in this ed, he deleted the chapter on coppola which i would have liked to read im sure i can find it somewhere.he should have written on stone and i hate altman mash is the most misogynistic film ive ever seen its a great book. When I started reading about cinematic criticism Kolker s book the first edition from the 70S was among the most informative At the time I worked for an Arabic Literary journal and I was assigned the translation of the Bonnie and Clyde section I was fascinated by the profound philosophical and psychological depth of the writer when interpreting picture and action that otherwise seemed unremarkable for the regular viewer I discovered through the writer s journey in modern American cinema the complexity of the cinematic language and the extensive symbolism conveyed in masterful works like the Godfather I and II and 2001 A Space Odyssey This great book would be a remarkable source for any person interested in serious movie making, especially for the fans of Kubrick, Coppola and Scorsese. An updated and expanded version of this classic study of contemporary American film, the new edition of A Cinema of Loneliness reassesses the landscape of American cinema over the past decade, incorporating discussions of directors like Judd Apatow and David Fincher while offering assessments of the recent, and in some cases final, work from the filmmakers Penn, Scorsese, Stone, Altman, Kubrick at the book s core.

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