The Art of Resistance

The Art of Resistance99 year old literature professor Justus Rosenberg escaped the Holocaust and spent four daring years in the French Underground during World War II Now he finally writes his own unforgettable epic A gripping memoir from an Eastern European Jew who fought in the French Resistance The narrative


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Mengele: Unmasking the "Angel of Death"

Mengele: Unmasking the "Angel of Death"A gripping account of the infamous Nazi doctor, from a former Justice Department official tasked with uncovering his fate One of the most notorious war criminals of all time, Dr Josef Mengele has come to symbolize both the evil of the Nazi regime and the failure of justice in the postwar world.


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What's Your Pronoun?: Beyond He and She

What's Your Pronoun?: Beyond He and SheLike trigger warnings and gender neutral bathrooms, pronouns are sparking a national debate, prompting new policies in schools, workplaces, even prisons, about what pronouns to use Colleges ask students to declare their pronouns along with their majors corporate conferences print name tags with


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Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America

Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black AmericaOften blamed for the rising rates of obesity and diabetes among black Americans, fast food restaurants like McDonald s have long symbolized capitalism s villainous effects on our nation s most vulnerable communities But how did fast food restaurants so thoroughly saturate black neighborhoods in the


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