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100 Things to Recycle and Make (Super Crafts) Keep crafty children of all ages entertained and inspired for hours with Fiona HayesThings to Recycle and Make Everyday materials are transformed into all kinds of stunning and practical projects, from toy animals and vehicles to dressing up props, decorations, games, and even fun storage solutions Bringing together the best projects from the popular Crafty Makes series, each section is dedicated to a different base object cardboard boxes paper plates cardboard tubes materials from nature and egg cartons With twenty projects per section to choose from, andprojects overall, this book will appeal to a wide range of ages and interests Simple cardboard tubes become a set of pirate skittles, a friendly octopus, and an entire castle Plain cardboard boxes are turned into a pirate ship, a money box, and a robot twigs, leaves and other outdoors materials become picture frames, masks, and a dinosaur Paper plates make a great bug or flower hat, a dotty frog, and a cute panda, while egg cartons are turned into a fire engine, a pencil holder, and a Christmas tree Children will be entertained for hours with this invaluable collection of crafty makes, and even the whole family can be involved in recycling everyday objects and turning them into exciting projects Create entire animal kingdoms and alien worlds, or simply a new favourite toy or mascot With such a huge range of exciting projects to make from the simplest of objects,Things to Recycle and Make is the ultimate craft inspiration for creative children